Compost solution

Our compost solution

In-vessel composting with negative pressure is fully integrated in an Aikan plant. The compost sanitizes in fully enclosed process modules as a temperature of at least 70 degrees Celcius (158 F) for more than 1 hour is obtained the entire mass. The exhaust air is treated in biofilters, which are also fully integrated in the facility.


The compost process is an excellent way to stabilize organic matter, break down micropollutants and it is also an energy effective way to sanitize the compost for pathogens.

The Aikan batch process, in process modules and in active ventilated maturation bays for storage, makes it possible to produce different types of compost from different raw materials and maintain full traceability.


The compost from bio-waste and green waste is high quality fertilizer and soil improvement media. The compost is used in agriculture or as a part of growing media for various purposes.

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